Monday, 23 April 2012

Into the Rain

Through those mirrors of the world,
Countless windows to the dreams;
A metaphor to life and death,
Fallen from nowhere and-
Towards nowhere it seems.

When the white clouds turn dark,
They're not good nor evil, you see;
A misunderstood concept, that is
You are not who you are, when
You choose something else to be.

I'll close my eyes when these
Drops of skies fall over me;
I'll forget who I am,
If I be - I will forget
To exist and I shall quit
To resist, if there ever was,
My forgotten being.

To find me, if there's need be
I'll be at the edge of this world;
At the very shore of my
consciousness and sea.

If I were to transform into:
A grain of sand on a beach,
A swirl of breeze passing the trees;
Into a speck of bright warm sunlight,
A hum of sound on the street.
And into the rain when I'll leave,
Without a sigh,
Into the Rain as I --
I will die happily.