Monday, 9 June 2014

Wings to Sail

And I stand,
On a heap of sand
On a shore somewhere, somewhere,
Reminding myself, of a victory lost
Of the seagulls as they fly away
Caught their bait, next sea to sail
As they fly away.
And I remain standing there
Beleaguered, unsure what to do
What to say.
Winners are those who fly away
Others devoid of wings, so they say.
Nor were their wings bigger,
Or their sails taller.
Less than equal did they will or
much stronger, who's to say?
Yet, winners are those who flew away.
The heap of sand was the castle unbuilt
The strokes of waves that washed it away
Many perfect castles stand on the shore,
Undeterred by the waves, Of those
Who flew away.
And forward I step towards my vessel ashore,
Unto the great seas beyond, after all
Who awaits a new day?
Not having wings I sail ahead,
Towards a shore, someday
To fail better again
And who's to say,
Winners are those who sail away.