Friday, 17 February 2012


Here I stand, staring blankly,
At your pleasant world,
At your delightful cities,
Of which I thank the gods grandly,
For creating a world,
Without Obscurities.

I don't see a diminishing light
waving towards me from horizon each day,
I don't hear any swash of tides
singing a melancholy to me and my dismay.

I don't see the love in the air
or the blooming of cherry blossoms in spring,
I could just hear a boisterous blare
when the angels from heavens sing.

I couldn't perceive the call of the wild
or a silent whisper in my ear;
Though I stand in a gloomy night,
Nothing grips me, let alone fear.

How can I embrace the light?
When darkness is my only past,
When I've been vague all my life,
How in this lucidity can I last?

Behind, creepy shadows lie,
In front, a world that has gone dim;
Below, a dying hollow earth,
Above, a sky that is gray and grim.

I'm not a riddle, not a conundrum,
Not full of sureties;
All I am is an insignificant, nameless
speck of my own obscurities.

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