Sunday, 27 May 2012

Do Cicadas Cry?

Under the hottest sun,
Far and wide.
Among the cool winds of north,
There's a cry. I think it's a cry.
It emits from the trees but why,
Do Cicadas cry?

Is it a cry of sadness,
Or pain of some unknown kind.
Is it a cry to convey a message,
Or is it even a cry?

Why today?
Why now?
Do they know I'm listening,
That I can hear them cry?
Is it an omen uncomprehended,
That they want me to know?
What happens when they cry?

I know I won't notice it
Ever again. The cry will just
Blend into the noise.
Sound of life.
So I walk past all of it,
Nonchalantly leaving the cry,

The cry became a sound unnoticed,
The sound fades away
As a noise of nigh.
And then I even forget,
Do Cicadas cry?

When I walked past the cicadas,
When I walked past their cry.

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