Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My Dear Sunshine

Oh, My Dear Sunshine
I am waiting in the,
The sapphire ocean.
Fighting all the winds above
And all the winds and them above.
Searching for islands, the end of time
Don't know how to swim, Sunshine.

I have done my best to claim
And reclaim the roads that
Were always and always mine.
I've leapt and run and run,
Every day and every night.
Tired of pushing myself ahead
And of crossing the sun, sunshine.
The wave is too strong this time.
I have come from far, sunshine.

Don't know how to cry, sunshine
Every night is long, sunshine.
I've come to try, I've come to win
Every moment of this day, sunshine.
Mother says it's alright, sunshine
Still why don't you rhyme, sunshine.
Don't know how to fail, sunshine
Why don't you rain, sunshine?

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