Thursday, 31 December 2015

Your Things And Mine

The brick that fell that day,
A pavement broke, good morning again.
I carry a bag of faces like you;
Guess which one I'm wearing today.
Guess again.
People live, people die;
The world denies, my daily suicides.
I laughed today at your pathetic lies;
To tell you the truth, all comedians cry.
And the winter breeze passed me by,
They still neglect me,
The tower of lights, the swirling tides.
Strings snapped, violin broke,
A verse left, a symphony nigh.
And break my bones, crush my heart,
My hopes, tear my limbs apart;
Still I'll carry you till the very end.
Loyalty, it's not. Nor love, my friend.
Say hello to my nonchalance.
Take me away, to a newer sun;
My old one is getting cold.
And take away everything I own,
My beige grass, my greying clouds.
And strip away this world of hope.
Everything is lost, lost is hope?
A brick fell, a pavement broke.
Look to the right, it's night 
And everything is found
Under that rug we stole.

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